2019 Bash Tournament

The Braveheart Bash is a one day, doubles grass tournament to raise funds for FCA Bravehearts, a local Homeschool Volleyball team. It will be held at the Carroll County Sports Complex located at 2225 Littlestown Pike, Westminster MD 21158, on June 1, 2019. We will have brackets for Middle School, High School JV, High School Varsity, and Adult.

As you pick your partner go ahead and come up with a creative name, or use a combination of your last names (Name 1/Name2). Each team will be placed in the age/grade level bracket that is appropriate, but if you wish to play up, please request so by e-mailing Karen at karstevens@yahoo.com Registration is $25 per person and each individual needs to register separately. During registration you will submit your team name and the person you will be playing with so there will not be any mix ups.

Check-in will begin at 8:00 a.m. and all teams must be checked in by 8:30. Play will begin as soon as possible. To start the day, we will place each team randomly into pools from the same age bracket. Each team will face at least 3 other teams. The best teams will move on to play-offs. Eliminated teams can continue play on nets that are not being used if desired.

Nets: We are offering a $20 cash refund the day of the event for each player that allows us to use their personal net in the tournament. In order to receive this refund your net must be in excellent shape, and include boundary lines. You must be willing to set it up at the field Friday evening, 5/31, 7:00-8:30 and leave it up until we are finished with the tournament Saturday afternoon. Please e-mail Karen, karstevens@yahoo.com if you will allow us to use your net.

General Rules

  • Bring your own volleyball, regulation size and properly inflated.
  • Poor conduct, such as repeated arguing of calls, foul language and crude/rude talk will not be tolerated and will result in forfeiture of set or match or ejection from the tournament.
  • Wear proper athletic shoes or go barefoot, no shoes with spikes.
  • On each court, one of the teams not playing will score the game going on.
  • Serve will be decided by chance, such as a coin flip or a round of rock, paper, scissors. Winner serves, loser chooses side.
  • We will be playing “new-school” rules
    • Serve may touch the net
    • Rally scoring, points per set will vary depending on pool size
    • A serve may not be blocked or attacked with a downward trajectory
    • You may serve receive with open hands
    • The ball must cross between the two poles of the net system
    • There is no center line, a violation occurs only if a player impedes the playing ability of an opponent.
    • Players do not have to rotate positions on the court, but must rotate the server (Middle school may be an exception, as we will be placing multiple teams on the court to play 4’s or 6’s)

There is no cash prize: just enjoy the day!

Contact Information

Karen Stevens directly at karstevens@yahoo.com

Or FCA Bravehearts at fcabaltimorebravehearts@gmail.com

Refund Policy

As this is a fundraising event, your donation is greatly appreciated. Thus, refunds will not be offered.